That basically sums up today. I woke up feeling fresher than I have in quite a while, which was amazing to me having spent a week in a foggy haze. I even got a little reading done!


Then my parents came to take us shopping as yes I still can’t move my left arm properly without experiencing intense pain, well it’s in pain when it’s kept still too but hey that’s my life. I was exhausted after spending just 30 minutes doing the weekly shop despite my boyfriend and parents doing the majority, I was basically there to pay.


They then came back for a coffee and I was nearly dropping off. Got a second burst of energy this afternoon but the pain is incredibly intense despite the medication.


So I have taken the afternoon easy as I want to get back in the kitchen soon, or do something productive at least as I feel like such a waste of space at the moment.


The news isn’t helping calling everyone on benefits scroungers and unworthy members of society just furthers my depression and of course the cycle of depression and POTS continues. I’ve never wanted anyone to go through the misery that is depression, anxiety, POTS, etc but now I’m not so sure as the dreadful things some people are saying makes me feel they really need to experience them for themselves! Then maybe they’ll understand.


Sorry my posts are still short one handed typing is hardwork!