I woke up today with energy (a great and rare feeling) so I caught up on some TV and texted my mum ready for her sinus operation.


The energy stayed with me so I thought I’d get some fresh air before the snow comes tomorrow. So Chris & I set off to post two birthday cards. The postbox is less than 0.3 miles away, I used to be able to walk miles, I did Duke of Edinburgh (well most of it until part of my lung collapsed at night in a tent in the middle of a field). 


Chris being the one with the bad back is usually the slow one but today it was me, the cold wind prevented me from breathing properly so by the time I got to the postbox I was exhausted. If my dad hadn’t been picking my mum up from the hospital I would have been tempted to call him to rescue me, but Chris supported me the 0.3 miles back. Just writing this sounds so stupid! But it really affects me. I think my anxiety just makes things so much worse too as I panic it makes it hard to breathe, my heart races, my bp drops. I stumbled back up the stairs and collapsed on the couch. So lucky to have Chris there to look after me, make my lunch, fetch my tablets, answer the phone, walk my dizzy, wobbly body to the bedroom so I could speak to my dad about my mum’s op.


I’m relieved she’s doing ok, but her nose is still bleeding nearly 7 hours later :-S I wish I was there to look after her as my dad isn’t the best with blood, sick, etc. I reassured her she would be ok and gave her advice – being the nose bleed expert in the family – thanks Ehlers Danlos Syndrome! But she seems in good spirits from the texts she has sent.


I am now resting in bed, waiting until my next dose of painkillers at 9pm. I really need my arm sorting if I’m going to stand a chance of getting any further with my writing. Or indeed write longer blogs, add pics and pick up my baking blog again!


Eheu. Not looking forward to the snow tomorrow. Why does it always snow on my CBT days? Curious fact.


Hopefully I’ll have an update again tomorrow, if I’m not worn out!