Whenever I get a rush of energy I never learn to conserve it and now I am exhausted. Just had an afternoon baking which is the thing I love most in the world but now I am so tired I feel like I’ve been run over.

I wouldn’t feel so bad if it was new but I’ve been dealing with the fatigue and other symptoms as a result for years and years and I never learn that I should still take things steady. It just makes me so excited when I have energy I feel I should do something with it; I probably should have done cleaning as goodness knows I need to as due to my arm pain I’ve not done it for ages.

Ah well, at least I did something I enjoyed and it took my mind of having therapy tomorrow and the prospect of having to go into my history…

Well I’ll try to keep my mind of that again and go.

I think I may sleep until my appointment at 4pm tomorrow, 22 hours sleep would be restorative right?