Following my post yesterday I received an amazing reply which was so sincere and kind that it reduced me to tears. This is why I have dedicated this post to her.

I know I take the fact that I want everyone to be happy a little far. I  feel that it is my fault if those around me aren’t happy, I’m scared that I may have caused it, or if I know I haven’t caused it, I can’t fix it, either way I am a failure and a bad friend. I’m going to work on this issue through Schema therapy but knowing that I’m going to have to take a step back from trying to fix everything I thought I’d put some quotes down on here to let those I know know how much I care about them, whilst I am working on not taking their emotions personally.

Your life will be full of people who tell you can’t change the world. Your job is to learn from their mistakes. – Umair Haque

Piglet: “I can’t jump too high.” | Pooh: “But, Piglet, you can touch the sky above.”

Confidence should be about how you allow yourself to feel, not what someone else feels about you.

Your past doesn’t define you. Everyone has an opinion. People will always judge you. That doesn’t mean you have to pay attention to them.

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck. The Dalai Lama

More quotes will come as I progress through therapy or as the mood takes. I’ll leave you with one last thought…

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