Sorry that I have been quiet again recently but life has a funny way of getting in the way of my plans.

The past two days have been lost to another migraine and the past fortnight seems to have been lost to a lot of stress and sleeplessness mainly caused by my downstairs neighbour.

I have had plenty of ideas for blogging but have forgotten them all due to my brain fog so the lesson I have learnt is that I must start writing everything down yet again.

Next week should give me plenty to blog about. I have my assessment for ESA, I have therapy, I have physio & am seeing a new cardiologist so lots to update on all aspects of my health & wellbeing!

The end of the week rewards me with a visit from my favourite young man so am holding out for that!

Therapy last week scared me, it triggered me in a huge way & I spent the majority of the week feeling incredibly low & had a knock on effect on to everything else I did that week. I won’t go into details but it just made me feel even more unworthy & helpless. I am really struggling with the fact I can’t fix the world! Not that I have some mega ego. I just think I should be able to do everything, even though it’s quite obvious I can’t do the simplest of tasks. I have an amazing group though who made me feel I could tell them how I felt this week & feel a lot better for it, although I still want to hug them all, tell them it will be ok & make all their pain go away.

I can’t go into more information at the moment as I am feeling raw still but thought I’d just pop up and say hello.

I hope you are well and taking care of yourself.