Firstly thank you to those who read my post yesterday. I have never shared that depth of feeling with people outside of a doctors/therapy appointment before and I really appreciate the fact that you have read it.

Anyway, to the post for today in which I will try not to talk about my feelings!

There has been a polarisation in whether people believe the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is positive or not. Incase you didn’t know the theme is ‘Let’s Get Physical’.

More information on the theme, including the benefits that physical activity can have, can be found here: 

Obviously there are people with conditions that prevent them from getting physical in the traditional sense, eating disorders being just one example where physical exercise can be a trigger. My POTS prevents me from doing as much as I would like to do, therefore last week, as the theme was feeding through and I had some positivity in me, I thought I would look at what I could do, not what I couldn’t (positive sounding I know but looking at what I can do when it benefits others is easy, as opposed to looking at what I can do in general). So I thought I’d dig out some of my old physio exercises and shake up my stretches.

This hasn’t happened.

I am determined not to let it pass by though and so I am twisting ‘Let’s Get Physical’ to fit in with me.

In my case my physical and mental health are so closely entwined it’s hard to see where one begins and the other ends. Depression and anxiety are symptoms of POTS. The POTS makes me depressed and anxious. The BPD stops me from always taking care of my physical health. My physical health stops me from taking care of my BPD.

My appointments today have been a great example of this.

I had physio. This is amazing for my mental health as it keeps my aches and pains under control which means I can physically do things. Not being able to drive due to the pain in my left arm was incredibly distressing. I don’t like going out but not being able to escape if necessary scared me just as much. Oh how I love the way my brain works.

Secondly I went to see a new cardiologist! Finally nearly 19 years after my first symptoms became problematic and 7 years since they became unbearable I may be getting somewhere! I’ve obviously had lots of treatments, medications and tests but these ones actually seem to know about POTS and what they’re doing. I came away with some new meds (even if they aren’t licensed for use in the UK), the promise he will get my notes from my last cardiologist, some further tests going to be booked in and he will talk to his colleagues about anything else I can do (he was pleased with the extra salt, fluids, etc I already do).

So whatever let’s get physical means to you, whether it is just making sure you take your meds or donning lycra and jumping around – do it. It’s important for your mental health.