So yesterday I made a promise that if my friend blogged things that made her smile I would do the same. Within 10 minutes hers went up, shortly followed by comments from another friend of their favourite things. So here are a few of my favourite things…

1) Hugs/cuddles/snuggles.

2) Hot water, be it for a bath, shower, swimming or a good cup of green tea.

3) Baking.

4) Clean sheets.

5) New socks.

6) Getting into bed.

7) The smell of newborn babies.

8) Clean laundry.

9) Puppies.

10) Monkeys and monkey related paraphernalia.

11) Books, piles of books, new and old, the smell, the anticipation.

12) Puns and word play.

13) The smell of summer rain.

14) Family and friends old and new, real life and Twitter.

15) Notebooks to scribble in.

16) Road trips.

17) Desiderata.

18) Feminism.

19) Picnics.

20) Post and parcels.

21) Someone washing my hair.

22) Disney (I know it’s not PC or feminist but DisneyWorld has some of my happiest memories and some of the films make me happy).

23) Bakeware.

24) Funky stationery.

25) Music that suits the situation.

26) People watching.

27) Mismatching chintzy crockery for afternoon tea.

28) Sitting outside gazing at the stars.

29) The excited feeling when you’re falling in love or about to see the person you love.

30) Good deeds and random acts of kindness.

J x